About Us

MutualOne Bank has been serving the community since 1889. The Bank was originally founded as South Framingham Co-operative Bank in 1889 and renamed Framingham Co-operative Bank in 1913. Later on in 2012, the Bank joined Natick Federal Savings Bank to form MutualOne Bank. The Bank is committed to improving its community by providing the best possible banking products and services.

MutualOne Bank meets the needs of its customers with a variety of checking, savings, consumer loan, home financing and commercial programs, supported by exceptional personal services and the latest technology.

MutualOne Bank has a proud history of commitment to the community, and welcomes the opportunity to help enhance the quality of life for those who live and work in the neighborhoods. Different ways the Bank provides support are:

The MutualOne Charitable Foundation Grants are for qualifying charitable, educational and civic initiatives

The Robert Lamprey Community Grant is an annual award given by the MutualOne Charitable Foundation to a qualifying organization for the benefit of the low income or less- advantage and/or underserved population in Framingham and/or Natick

Sponsorship and Advertising Funds are to support local events and activities